Step + Gesture ® 
m e d i t a t i o n  o n  m o v e m e n t   

... is a creative physio-energetic movement ART.
... seeks the vitality of being-moved by practicing movement, breath, energy, imagination.
... the expressiveness of the gesture is associated with the responsiveness of the feet
    for the ground.
... finds balance between impression and expression. 

t o   m o v e   _   i s   t o   n u r t u r e   o n s e l f   _   i s   t o   c h a n g e

Tools of this movement ART are: 
 TAI CHI, Qi Gong, Yoga, pile-work, CIRCLE BODY MIND, Physical Theatre, 
 composition, improvisation.

Regular training qualifying for stage and film actor.


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